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    Research Meeting - Week 29

    18 Jul 2013

    Todos for this week

    • Find keywords for searching for relevant research
    • Do a review of reviews
    • Find the interesting researchers in the CS education


    Karen Vagts at the Tufts University library provided great insight into searching for articles related to my area of interest which is multidisciplinary and therefore not straight forward to search for good research in. Online databases (like ERIC for education) seem to help narrowing down the domain of the search results just by being limited to a certain field. For e.g. searching for functions on Google Scholar returns results from both the mathematical concept of functions as well as the computer science concept of function. ERIC on the other hand only returns results of the math variety. ERIC also provides greater options for filtering the results. Google Scholar is good for general overviews but it seems to make sense to move to a domain specific search provider once you have your topics narrowed down.

    Keywords Tested

    • Survey, overview, taxonomy on ACM's SIGCSE website to get the research overview papers
    • Searching the computer science category on ERIC In general, Google Scholar does not seem to work too well.

    Review of Reviews

    • A survey of literature on the teaching of introductory programming link
    • This much I know: thoughts on the past, present and future of educational programming tools link
    • Sally Fincher from the University of Kent is a Computer Science Education Researcher Toolkit page link
    • Usability issues in the Design of Novice Programming System link
    • Not a relevant paper but sounds like a good read ; Reading a computer science research paper link
    • Not relevant but ben might like: Survey of test driven development in academia link
    • Just including this because it's Mark Guzdial and I should probably know this is the broader picture; A statewide survey on computing education pathways and influences: factors in broadening participation in computing link
    • Computational Thinking in K-12: A Review of the State of the Field link
    • The future of computer languages; implications for education link


    I decided to move the list of relevant researchers I found to a separate article because I kept adding one or two professors to each weekly review. Better to have them in one place.

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