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    Relevant Professors in CS Education

    22 Jul 2013

    Following is a list of professors who's work I found interesting and inspiring. I am particularly interested in the understanding of computer science / programming concepts so a lot of the research here will be lower level education research.

    Mark Guzdial, Georgia Tech page

    Mark is the sun of the CSEd solar system. He's been involved in just about everything to do with Computer science education. Currently, his work is more around the public policy aspect but he writes a very influential blog which is a great resource for anyone who's interested in computer science education.

    Moti Ben-Ari, Weizmann Institute of Science - Israel page

    I like Ben-Ari's work. He deals with a lot of the lower level understanding of computer science concepts / educational theories for computer science. Some of his interesting papers are: - Constructivism in Computer Science Education

    Michael E Casperson, Aarhus University - Denmark page

    Micheal seems deeply involved with WiPSCE, a workshop in primary and secondary computing education.

    Neil B Dale, University of Texas

    Two PhD thesis under here guidance seem pretty relevant.

    • Conceptual Models and Individual Cognitive Learning Styles in Teaching Recursion to Novices, Cheng-Chih Wu, 1993
    • Limitations in the Understanding of Mathematical Logic by Novice Computer Science Students,Vicki Lynn Almstrum, 1994.

    There is also a paper by her in SIGCSE, title Most difficult topics in CS1: results of an online survey of educators which sounds really interesting.

    Allison Elliot Tew, University of Washington, Tacoma

    Language Independent Assessment of CS1 Scaffolding Research in Computer Science Education Not cognitive enough but better than most CS specific researchers. Presentation from ICER 2006.

    Vicki L. Almstrum, UTexas at Austin

    Import and export to/from computing science education: the case of mathematics education research I think I'm in love

    Colin Johnson

    Will have to investigate more but he is part of the computer science education group at the University of Kent and his research interests include porting ideas from computing and mathematics to other areas and taking ideas from natural sciences and using them as metaphors for new ways of doing computing.

    J Philip East, Northwestern University

    Janet Kolodoner, Georgia Tech

    Rosario Vera Ruiz

    From IES Jarifa Spain, this researcher published a paper in the 'Internation Journal of Technology in Mathematics Education' title 'Teaching the Relevance of Mathematics in Information Technology through Functional Programming in Secondary School'. This sounds exactly in line with the sort of research questions I have. Unfortunately, the remainder of his work appears to be in English.

    Peter Achten, Nijmegen Institute for Computing and Information Sciences

    His primary area of research seems to be functional programming. However, he has an exciting program called Soccer-Fun which is a framework for programming a soccer team using functional languages. The framework is used to teach functional programming.

    Micheal Kolling, University of Kent

    BlueJ / Greenfoot author.

    Philip Guo, Google

    Not particularly relevant as a CSEd researcher but is pretty active in general HCI and wrote the Online Python Tutor.

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